Ghana Becoming Unattractive To Foreigners GIS

Official statistics from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) show that the West African country is no longer attractive to visitors.

There was a 10% drop in the number of foreigners who visited Ghana in 2014 as against figures recorded in 2013. The GIS recorded 547,263 in 2013 as compared to 503,996 in 2014, representing a reduction of 49,449 at the Kotoka International Airport.

Officials believe the drop was due to the Ebola scare which rocked West Africa and the incessant power supply popularly known as ‘dumsor’. Others have also indicated the drop in passengers could partly be blamed on “some international airlines folding up in Ghana.”

The GIS also revealed the KIA received 270,694 Ghanaian arrivals in 2014 which is 0.92% more than the 2013 Ghanaian arrivals of 268,227.

For departures, the report stated that 333,084 Ghanaians left the shores of Ghana in 2013, which is 10.93% more than the 2014 Ghanaian departures of 300,276.