World Bank Freezes Loan To Uganda For not Allowing Homosexuality

That the World Bank has always been an instrument of western policy especially foreign policy cannot be in doubt.

Only recently, the Bank decided to withhold a loan of US$80 million to Uganda because that country passed a law against homosexuality.

The Insight is not necessarily calling for legal sanctions on homosexuals. That decision would have to be made by every country and people on the basis their own values.

What we cannot accept is the situation in which the World Bank and its masters arrogate the role of a moral policeman to themselves.

In any case, it is instructive that these same institutions and Governments took a stand against the struggle against apartheid.

They supported the apartheid regime in South Africa all the way.

Perhaps discrimination against homosexuals is far more grievous than discrimination against black people.

What impudence from the World Bank and its masters.