Floyd Mayweather Starts 5th Grade to Acquire High School Diploma

“I got all these millions and can’t even read my checking balance. If it wasn’t for Forbes magazine I wouldn’t know what I got in the bank” Said Floyd Mayweather about his decision to go back to school. 

Floyd announced after going 49-0 that he would go back to school and get his High School diploma as part of a promise he made to his senile mama, because of his inability to read more than one syllable words he must start at a 5th grade level.

“Everybody thought Manny Pac was my toughest opponent, but I’m here to tell you adjectives is a mother, compound sentences ain’t no ho, fractions be kicking my a*s, subtract this, add that. My dear aunt sally …My mama ain’t even got no sister? ” – Floyd Mayweather

Floyd assures us that he will die undefeated in the ring, but he has taken his first lost in a spelling bee against some of his super smart 5th grade classmates.