ICT is latest paradigm shift towards wealth creation � Alhassan

The fundamentals of wealth creation has seen significant paradigm shifts from agricultural to industrial and now Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Mr. Moses B. Alhassan, Director of Finance at the Ministry of Communications, has said. �ICT can create open learning environments in which people are free from the constraints of time and space, ICT is a self-propelling, self replicating and self sustainable driver of welfare and development,� he said on Tuesday. Mr. Alhassan said this on Tuesday at a day�s ICT Career Exposition designed to present diverse career and business opportunities in ICT to corporate organizations, young entrepreneurs, and school leavers. It was also to launch ICT updates, newspaper and Computer Users Club of Ghana. Topics discussed included financial freedom, IT Audit and Control Proficiency, IT Consultants Integration of ICT in everyday life and Entrepreneurship. He said the power of ICT to access knowledge was the foundation on which people could make appropriate use of computers, the internet and hand-held wireless devices that had transformed the way information was created, transformed, accessed and stored. Mr Alhassan said understanding the technology was not enough; the effective use of these diverse and powerful technologies was a pre-requisite for political decision making and problem solving. He said for government to move the country towards information and knowledge based economy, the people would need to pursue and adopt contemporary integrated ICT led career strategies. Mr. Alhassan said the digital divide was an obstacle to creating knowledgeable societies because it was not just about connectivity and technological development despite the changes on the globe through technology. Speaking on the topic; �Entrepreneurship-How to shine in your office�, Mr.Albert Ocran, Chief Executive Officer of Combert Impressions, called on personnel in all organizations to eschew laziness and work hard.