Six Years Of Prof. Dodoo But Yet Athletics Has Gone Down Totally – George Lutterodt

Former Athletics Association President, George Lutterodt, has stated emphatically that Ghana Athletics has gone down and needs a new direction of purpose. The former athletics boss believes progression is the key to lift the game which the Prof. Francis Dodoo’s led administration are refusing to do. George Lutterodt, exclusively told Ghana Sports Newspaper that, he feels pity for the game of athletics and sometimes don’t’ want to talk about it. “Athletics is progression and when somebody takes over from another administration, the good plans ought to be followed as such. "Sandy Osei Agyemang, won a silver and bronze medal at the world championship for Ghana which is the highest level in Ghana’s athletics. “I don’t know the style of Prof. Francis Dodoo’s administration, they have been there for six years now but no progression with the game.” They say they are starting all over with young athletes, and after all this years, results must begin to show but nothing is improving,” he said. “Sometimes when I say certain things they say am criticizing athletics but the question is why Dodoo’s led administration is not continuing with progression? He asked. According him, all plans arranged by the previous administration to improve the game of athletics has been cut off. George Lutterodt, lead blame not only on the association but also government, lamenting that facilities has also become a major problem and a typical example is the el-wak sports stadium which is in a bad state. He urged government to be up and doing to provide the facilities that will lift athletics in Ghana. “If a proper plan have been put in good place to improve the game, some of us won’t talk...Don’t say I am going to keep to my style and I won’t listen to anybody. That is why some of us are talking,” he added. He objected the assertion that athletics is of a high standard under Prof. Francis Dodoo’s administration but rather athletics is dying in the country. Ghana failed to even win gold at the Brazzaville All African Games.