Sports Ministry To Categorize The Various Sporting Disciplines – Deputy Sports Minister

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Hon. Vincent Oppong Asamoah, has stated emphatically that, the Sports Ministry will soon categorized the various sporting disciplines. Sports Ministry’s decision to categorize the other sporting disciplines comes when the other sports feels they have been neglected for so long and will halt sporting activities for the next five years if equal attention is not given them by government. Reports suggest that the Ministers’ comment has not gone down well with the other sporting disciplines as they feel funding has become a canker. The various federations head met to discuss the way forward for the other sporting disciplines which Ken Dzirasah, the president of the Ghana Handball team called on the various sports disciplines for a possible halt to all sporting activities in the country for the next five years to clean the system and correct the wrongs. “The federations’ heads have been frustrated enough and I share their emotions. A lot of their leaders have financed their federations for so long, that is why the Minister have to attend all programmes rolled out by the other sporting disciplines. “It has been a year, and we intend to change things that is why the Minister had to attend all other sporting discipline programmes not for once, sometimes twice in a week, at times I go to represent myself that is to demonstrate our seriousness to all sporting disciplines in the country,” he said. “Every change comes with a difficult challenge and we will soon get there...we appreciate the effort done by these heads of federations and going forward the pedigree may not be the same but what is due them must be given,” he reiterated. ‘We’re going to categorize them, there should be a clear structure guiding them to perform,” he said. Hon. Vincent Oppong Asamoah is of the belief that government will not give equal attention to all federations but rather the ones government deem fit that is of a national interest. He urged all federations to up their game or the least said about them the better. “The federations should be of national in character, practically you must elect leaders and have a youth development policy across the country. “The federation must show some level of transparency. Any income generated by that federation must be identified...the Ministry should know...if the Ministry see that a federation is not performing and there is the need to restrict you to participate only in the country the Ministry will do just that,” he stressed. “The Ministry will support any federation that is doing well both on the local scene or international,” he added. Hon. Vincent Oppong, emphasized and said, the Ministry would not want to waste national resource on any federation that will only bring cost and bring nothing to the country.