Minority Caucus Endorse Afoko�s Suspension

Minority members of parliament have endorsed the decision of the New Patriotic Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), to suspend National Chairman, Paul Afoko, for stated misconduct.

The minority caucus took the decision after a meeting on Wednesday. Confirming the decision on Citi Eyewitness News, the Member of Parliament for the Asuogyaman Constituency, Osei Ameyaw, said the members of the minority caucus are bound by the NEC’s decision.

“The issue is that NEC has decided and all members of NEC are bound by the decision so let it take its course or let internal settlements happen. So for us, this matter should happen the way it is happening. A complaint has been made and a decision taken, there are redress avenues taken; and I believe the respondent has taken the necessary redress processes”. 

He however added that “we will prefer that there is amicable settlement, but that notwithstanding, we will suggest that elections are fought at the polling station level and that our focus is at the polling stations where we are in the process of registering our members following the ‘Rise and Build’ tour of our leader. So we will continue to build our membership stock and make sure that we aim towards election 2016, where the hard work that we do at the polling station will clearly demonstrate that we are ready to take over the management of this country”.

The NPP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) last Friday unanimously endorsed a recommendation by the party’s Disciplinary Committee suspending Paul Afoko for misconduct.

Some members of the party have described the suspension as a breach of the party’s constitution while others believe the NEC’s decision was a step in the right direction.

The Chairman of the National Council of Elders, C.K Tedam, has defended the suspension, explaining that his actions were against the party’s interest.

Some disgruntled members of the party who are believed to be loyalists of Afoko, have since filed a lawsuit against the suspension.

Despite the decision of the minority caucus, some individual MPs have expressed varied opinions about the NEC’s decision.