Bolga Central MP Refutes Allegations

Mr Opam Brown Akolbire, Member of Parliament (MP) for Bolgatanga Central, on Wednesday refuted allegations levelled against him as not doing much during his tenure of office to redeem promises he made during his campaigns.

Some of the allegations levelled against him were his inability to fulfil promises to visit certain parts of the constituency when he was at home, and his failure to project campaign messages since he went to Parliament for two terms.

Mr Akolbire who was speaking at a delegates' meeting of the NDC held in Bolgatanga, said the pledges he made during his campaigns did not mean that he would put physical cash into people’s pockets, but rather bring development projects that would improve the living standards of the people in his constituency.

According to him, he had done that during his first and second terms in Parliament, fulfilling his promises of development of the constituency through the projects he brought.

He noted that other communities which had not enjoyed the national cake would soon be provided with a number of projects, and called upon the people to vote for him.

Mr Akolbire appealed to the people of Daporetindongo, a suburb of Bolgatanga, to release land for the construction of a public toilet and boreholes which were of a major concern.