PPP Hold National Convention On 31st October, 2015

The national convention of the PPP is scheduled to take place on Saturday 31st October, 2015 at the GNAT Hall in Takoradi at 10:00am. The Theme for the Convention is:  Strategize to form Government in 2016.

The agenda for the convention include the adoption of the 2016 Political Platform, the election of national officers, a discussion on the anti-corruption strategy and the election of MMDCEs and the review of strategies for election 2016.

The national convention is the body mandated to ratify the political platform of the party for any elections. There shall be representation from constituency, regional, national and Diaspora branches as well as the general membership of the party.

The National Committee urges all PPP members and supporters to continue with the polling station organization and the community meetings with the electorate to win more apostles of change for the party. The PPP is the party of choice in election 2016.