Decision On Voters Register Will Be In Ghana's Best Interest - EC Boss

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Charlotte Osei has given the assurance that the Commission would take a decision on the voters register in the best interest of the country.

Speaking at the two day forum on the voters register, Mrs Osei said the work of the panel chairing the forum was only to collate views regarding the issues surrounding the current voters register as well as make recommendations to the Commission.

She said based on the recommendations by the five-member panel chaired by Professor V.C.R.A.C Crabbe, the EC would decide whether or not a new voters register be compiled for the 2016 elections.

We have taken note of the concerns raised in the media by some stakeholders especially supporters of the big political parties about the neutrality of some members of the panel. It is however important to reiterate that the panel is here to listen and engage all stakeholders and help us arrive at a consensus and make recommendations to the EC,” Mrs Osei said.

She further explained that the findings and recommendations of the panel will be presented to the Commission for a final decision which would be communicated to the public in due cause

As to whether or not we will have a new register or whether we will be adopting some of the audit proposals we receive that decision will be taken by the Electoral Commission in line with and in authority of our constitutional mandate,” Mrs Osei concluded.