NPP Advised To Retrieve All Party Property From Afoko

A private legal practitioner and Senior Lecturer at the Ghana School of Law, is asking the New Patriotic Party to take steps to retrieve party properties in the custody of suspended chair Paul Afoko.
Dr. Poku Adusei suspects the embattled chair is illegally using party property including letterheads while still on suspension.

He is also asking the party hierarchy to write to key institutions to inform them not to pay heed to any letter written by the suspended chair.

He told Joy News if Afoko has taken steps to overturn his suspension by the National Executive Council of the party, that in itself is an admission that he has been suspended and must desist from using party property.

"If you are suspended from any institution, one of the key things is that you return all property belonging to that institution to chest. He has failed to do that. He has letterheads and he hasn't gotten powers anymore to issue official letters on the official letterheads of the NPP. That is what he has kept on doing.

"I believe if he is not accepting his suspension he wouldn't be contesting it in the first place.

"He has duly been suspended by the party and he has to come to terms with it," Dr Adusei said.

He was commenting on a decision by Supreme Court to adjourn a case involving the NPP in which the party chairman has sworn an affidavit to represent the party.

A judge in the case, Justice Apau was said to have questioned the legitimacy of Paul Afoko to represent the party, hence the adjournment to November 10.

"It tells you that the ex-chairman of the NPP is continuously exercising powers that have been revoked by NEC and that is a serious issue the party has to deal with," he said.

Dr Adusei is a known member of the NPP and has represented some NPP members in court on few occasions.