Govít To Provide Technical Skills To Youth Ė Mahama

Government has initiated processes to modify the country’s educational curriculum in a bid to equip the country’s youth with relevant working skills.

The move, according to President Mahama is also to ensure that the youth contribute significantly to achieving a diversified economy.

Some analysts have expressed confidence that Ghana’s economy like many others across the world, would grow if the private sector is given the necessary support. 

Addressing a session on Empowering Entrepreneurs in New Delhi, India, President Mahama decried the deficiency in the current educational system but assured of efforts to work to reverse the trend,

“We have a lot of young people coming out of school and having been a country colonized by Britain like India worlds; you have to break out of a grammar school whose mode of education is to read and write very good English but do not really have a practical mindset,” he said.

The President added, “…We’re reforming to make it more practical; to create a more technical and vocational branch of our education. But people will only go back to it (technical) if they are not able to continue to the tertiary education and get a degree. So re-orienting that whole educational system and equipping people with the skills for the world of work is one of the things that we have been battling with.”

The President’s visit to India also involved meeting with the Prime Minister of India, Shri Nerendra Modi to discuss bilateral relations.

He has also been interacting with the Ghanaian Community in New Delhi as well as granting audience to CEOs of a number of leading Indian businesses.