NPP Has Written Three 'Love Letters´┐Ż To Me - EC Boss Charlotte Osei Teases

Charlotte Osei has revealed that the NPP wasted no time in sending three proposals and requests to her demanding a new voter’s register immediately she assumed office.

Describing the proposals as ‘love letters’ Charlotte Osei teased that she is hardly given enough time to respond to the letters. Right before the Electoral Commissioner decides to adress concerns raised by the NPP, there is a new letter in her mail.

The first letter came in the same month when she was appointed in June. Two others followed in August and September. She revealed that the NPP first wrote to her office explaining that there are more people on the register than is statiscally possible.

The NPP claimed that having 52% of the estimated population as voters is too high a figure for a credible register. The opposition party made comparisons with the voters’ registers of Kenya and Nigeria to make the case that Ghana’s numbers are too high.

In the second letter in August, the NPP brought another letter saying there are 76,000 foreigners on the register. The NPP says they are scrutinising the Togo register and have done only 10% checks.

Another letter in September made claims that there are minors and incomplete details of voters on the register.

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