You Don't Throw A Baby & The Bath Water Away... - Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

Frist Vice Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has dismissed the New Patriotic Party's reasons for a new voters' register.

Speaking on Peace FM's Kokrokoo, Mr. Ofosu Ampofo believed the NPP's reasons for a new register are flawed and won't resolve the electoral challenges in the country.

According to him, during every election, some margins of error are identified but it doesn't mean that a new register should be compiled.

He noted that it’s rather important that the NPP together with other opposition parties calling for a new register to challenge the register and ensure that minors, foreigners and other errors in the register are expunged.

You only go and correct those errors. You don’t throw the baby and the bath water away. The NPP should know that this one is input errors…For every problem that has been identified; there are solutions that we’ve provided. So, if you want to move forward, it is not throwing out the register but the solution that we’ve provided, is it enough to cure the problem that we have encountered? If it’s not enough, what can we do to improve upon the system…?

To him, when one identifies errors in the register; "it doesn’t mean throwing away the register and compiling another one. Because if you do create a new one today, by a month's time, the register will be bloated by the number of people who are dead and still have their names captured in the register.