Give Equal Attention To Parliamentary Business!

We welcome our dear Members of Parliament from their various constituencies back to Parliament for the last meeting of the third session of the Sixth Parliament.

We re-echo the caution by the Speaker of Parliament Edward Doe Adjaho, to the MPs, especially those of the ruling National Democratic Congress who are seeking re-election, not to allow their preparations toward their impending primaries to affect their duties in Parliament.

The Speaker told the MPs that they have serious work to discharge during this third meeting, and will require prompt attendance. Indeed, MPs are adequately resourced to efficiently and effectively carry out their duties, both within the confines of the parliamentary building   and their constituencies.

So, it is our humble opinion that they have justification absenting themselves from parliament on the grounds of the primaries.

We humbly appeal to them to apply the “balancing act” so that the work of Parliament will not suffer at the expense of their primaries.

We understand that this third meeting is very hectic and “loaded” with lots of bills, motions and papers including the presentation of the 2016 Budget Statement and Financial Policy of the government by the Minister of Finance.

Some of these papers have to be ratified or approved by Parliament as required under Ghana’s transaction with the outside world, and other obligations with her development partners and donor agencies.

It is always embarrassing to hear that Parliament could not pass a particular bill or a paper because of lack of quorum. We, therefore, entreat the Chief Whip of the ruling party to sharpen his “canes” to “whip” the MPs to their obligation to mother Ghana.

We are of the view that public office holders, especially good politicians, who are serious with their work and keep faith with their constituents, will always have an easy ride during primaries and re-election, because their good works are there for all to see.

There are others who, once elected, alienate themselves from the grassroots, pack their bag and baggage and make Accra their permanent place of residence, as they hardly visit their constituencies.

Such are the MPs who find themselves in a tight situation and will prefer to sacrifice the work of the chamber for their re-election. We wish the ruling NDC MPs pleasant primaries, and hope that they will accept the outcome of the results.