Ghanaians Ain't Happy With Happenings In The NPP - Patrick Boamah

Member of Parliament for Okaikoi Central Constituency, Patrick Yaw Boamah has expressed hopeful that the happenings at the forefront of his party, the New Patriotic Party stands the brighter chance of winning the 2016 general elections.

According to him, despite the brighter chance of the NPP, the party must close its ranks by resolving all internal issues immediately in order to look attractive to the electorates as the party can boast of a good team with good message which Ghanaians are good judges to attest to the ability of the NPP.

“I think the NPP chances of winning the next 2016 elections are very bright…we have a good team, message and Ghanaians do believe that when they give us the opportunity to govern this country, we will do a good job and we have always done a good job when we were given the opportunity,” he assured.

Commenting on the current heat at the national executive level of NPP, Patrick Boamah who is going unopposed as a incumbent NPP MP for Okaikoi Central admitted to that Ghanaians are not happy with the happenings in NPP.

He however appealed to the leadership of his party to resolve the internal wrangling quickly and approach the 2016 elections with one united front as this will cement the hope of clinching victory for the party and to save Ghanaians from the hardships.

“The happenings in the party, nobody is happy and I know that steps are being taken to resolve it….what is happening in NPP is nothing that we cannot resolve within a week or two. I don’t think it should travel within the next two weeks; we should have a solution to it,” he urged.

He emphasized that Ghanaians will not be happy handing over power to NPP with the happenings in the party as there are more enormous challenges in terms of the current economy, security, governance and social and political issues they expect Akufo-Addo’s government to address.

He stressed there will be doubts in the minds of Ghanaians about the NPP if the internal wrangling continues and unable to present a credible force; without mincing words, he made a clarion call on the NPP’s executives to resolve this quickly, close all ranks and make the party attractive to business communities as the economy is not good shape.

“Business people are crying as well as students, nurses, teachers, security agencies and all sectors and Trade Union. So if you are the alternative, you must look attractive otherwise no businessman will put money to our campaign….resolve every pertinent issue immediately to give us that forward match towards 2016 elections,” he reminded.