Arrest Ex-DVLA Boss For Chrissakes!

President John Dramani Mahama has for a very long time now been mounting it that he detests corruption.

We, the Ghanaian people, in spite of all commonsensical nature suspicion for politicians, have somehow warmed up to the President’s claims on corruption.

As the saying goes however, in life you make hay while the sun shines. We on The Enquirer sincerely believe that the sun is shining on corruption now, and the president has an opportunity to make hay.

Justice Amegashie was the Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) when the controversial contact with Foto-X to provide materials for the printing of driving licenses was signed.

Thanks to investigations by the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO), it has emerged that the contract sum involved in the transaction mysteriously ballooned from $3.6million to $9.9million.

It is no longer news that Mr. Justice Amegashie has been dubious in his posture on the issue. Before the Parliamentary Select Committee on roads and transport recently, however, Mr. Amegashie’s posture mutated into a pure insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians.

Without telling the Ghanaian people how the mutation in contract sum happened the man actually had the temerity to play Jesus Christ with the issue.

According to him, the change in sum was a mistake, he had erred and that to err is human!

It is true that to err is human, but we at The Enquirer also know that to lie is human; and in the issue of the contract sum gymnastics regarding DVLA’s contract with Foto-X we are actually inclined to believe that Mr. Amegashie lied at his appearance before Parliament rather than erred during the signing of the contract.

This is where President Mahama and his reputation for tooting his own horn as a leader allergic to corruption come in relevantly.

We believe that if the President really means what he has been telling us all this while, we will quickly see the arrest of M r. Amegashie by the police.

It needs not be belabored; the whole DVLA Foto-X scandal smells of nothing but ‘create, loot and share’ putridity.

Even from where we sit, it is easy to connect the dots and reach the conclusion that both Mr. Amegashie and Foto-X sat down and planned to manipulate according inputs to steal $6.3 million from the Ghanaian people.

If the President means business with his anti-corruption mantra, let his government start chewing after Mr. Amegashie and Foto-X immediately.

To err is human indeed!