Well Done NDC, But´┐Ż

BUT, for the pockets of violence that marred the beauty of a novelty by the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) during its nationwide primaries to elect parliamentary candidates and endorse President John Dramani Mahama as the party’s flag-bearer over the weekend, we on Today must say that the ruling party must be applauded for the exercise. It is indeed a plus for our growing democracy.

HOWEVER, we also condemn, in no uncertain terms, the few NDC members who decided to foment trouble at some polling stations. One thing that we must all understand is that democracy is not about throwing insults and punches but coming out with ideas that will impact positively on ordinary Ghanaians.

FOR us on Today we are happy for two reasons. First, is the fact that over twenty plus (20+) and still counting sitting NDC Members of Parliament (MPs) were booted out. And secondly, the MPs who lost their chance to run for parliamentary elections in 2016 speak of one thing that they have not performed to the expectation of the constituents.

IN fact it is refreshing that party faithful(s) and members are voting out non-performing candidates and going in for people they believe can improve their lot. A cursory observation at the outcome of the NDC parliamentary primaries makes one thing clear—that you cannot always buy your way through. If the constituents see you as incompetent they will vote you out!

IT is our hope that those who have entered will take a cue and not toil with the people’s votes. The fact must be established that people don’t vote for voting sake—they vote to see positive change in their wellbeing. Pure and simple!

BUT in our part of the world many of our politicians see the voting exercise as a kind of game where they exploit the electorate by making mouth-watering promises they know they cannot keep. The point is that this has always been the trend, and we are happy that NDC members voted for people they believe when given the opportunity can serve the interest of the constituency.

WHILST we seize the opportunity to commend NDC for introducing a novelty into our body politics, we also want to make the point that voting for quality leaders should not only be limited at the party level but should reflect in our national elections.

THE point we are making is that it should not be difficult for an NDC or New Patriotic Party (NPP) member to vote for a PPP parliamentary candidate nationally if it is obvious that the PPP candidate is better than the rest of the candidates and vice versa .

SIMILARLY, we must also see such voting patterns in our presidential elections where we should always go in for a president we have the strongest conviction can deliver on what they say. That should be the benchmark we should be using in the 2016 polls to elect our leaders.

IT is therefore our hope that our electorate will begin to appreciate the enormity of the power of their thumb and how they can use it to vote for people who will come and improve upon our lot and not those who will come to power with the aim of amassing wealth and enriching themselves at the expense of the masses.