Kumasi Herbalist Finds Medicine For Glaucoma

A HERBALIST based at Kwadaso, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Richard Boakye has claimed to have discovered a cure for glaucoma and cataract diseases.  

He disclosed that combined extractions from some local herbs he administered on a number of persons with severe glaucoma, cataract and other eye related cases had their sights restored after they severally sought diagnoses from the orthodox treatment but yielded no positive results. 

“It is undeniable fact that I have discovered cure for glaucoma, cataract and other eye related problems, extractions from some herbs have the potency to cure the aforementioned eye cases.”

He explained that the anti-oxidant properties contained in the extraction at daily dose increase the intracellular level thereby enhancing the penetration of light through the retina to improve the visual acuity.  
“The herbs are given to us by God as foods and medicines, in the primitive life of man they depended largely on herbal medicine until civilization,” he stated.

Speaking to the media to announce his discovery of antidote for the disease, Mr. Boakye urged state institutions, especially, those in charge of scrutinizing drug issues to listen   to claims by local herbalists who have found cure for a number of chronic diseases.

it is estimated that  over 46,000 Ghanaians  annually  suffer  from  eye cases  out of which  16,00 are treated  with the rest  completely  going blind.

Per this figure if the claim by Mr. Boakye is authentic then more persons with glaucoma would begin to have their sights restored.

He revealed that condensed extractions  from the herbs given to a woman, name withheld, who suffered from glaucoma for several years and was  even taken to one of the best eye specialists in Amsterdam  in Holland  for treatment but could not be cured, worked and cured her two weeks after she was brought to his place. 

“It would be suicidal on my part as a Christian to deceive the people, there was a woman  whose case  was very severe and had to walk with glasses but when she came here she got her sight back, this has given me hope that at least black man is capable of doing  something positive,” he remarked.

He said apart from diagnosing glaucoma and cataract cases, problems such as prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, bareness, bald head, and urinal retention among others are curable at his place.

He asked his colleague herbalists to add value to their products to attract international market. 

Mr. Boakye, however, bemoaned lack of support from the state to expand their activities. 

“Herbal preparations have more advantage over the orthodox medicines, hence, there is the need for the government to support us to do more research into local herbs,”  he appealed.