(WATCH) Boy Twists Body 180 Degrees At Break-neck Speed While Head Stays In Place

A boy is contorting his body at break-neck speed in a viral clip showing off the flexible stunt.

Watch as the boy snaps, crackles and hugs his pop in this head-turning clip.

The unidentified child asks “say when” before he twists his body a full 180 degrees to hug a man behind him while his head faces forward, never taking his eyes off the camera.

In case you didn’t catch the “The Exorcist”-esque trick the first time, the boy does it again in slow motion, without the slightest flinch.

The boy gets an assist from a man identified as his father, who holds his head in place as the child distorts his body in the bone-cringing video.

The clip has gone viral since being uploaded on Saturday, gaining nearly 500,000 views by Sunday afternoon.

Freaked out commenters warned the boy about hurting himself if he continued his contorting tricks.

“This kid is risking paralysis or stroke. Don’t do this,” Chris Duncan wrote on the video.

“It may seem funny or cute now but later you may find you’ve damaged yourself beyond repair. Please stop,” Nene Izzy said.

Watch video below

It is unclear if the neck-twisting stunt is just a trick, as the boy accomplishes the feat with much less effort than other flexible folks who have also done the bone-snapping turn.

A Russian man named Alexander from a 2006 "Tarrant on TV" clip was able to turn his neck 180 degrees as well, but after much effort and concentration, unlike the child who was able to snap into position.

Doctors said the man’s unique ability was a congenital trait and not something that could be learned.

The video’s uploader did not respond immediately to a Daily News request for comment.