Photos: Students Of Harvard Business School At Kasapreko On A Field Trip

A team from Harvard University in the United States visited Kasapreko Company Limited, a Ghanaian-owned total beverage maker, as part of a field tour in Ghana.

Led by Dina Pomeranz, an Assistant Professor of Business Administration of the Harvard Business School (HBS), a team of 60 students were at Kasapreko to familiarize themselves with the company’s operations and how a world-class brand like Kasapreko has grown to greater heights.

The students were met by Kasapreko’s Group Chairman and Founder Dr Kwabena Adjei, the CEO Richard Adjei as well as other senior management persons.

According to Prof. Pomeranz, HBS chose to visit Kasapreko based on the global presence the company has built for itself over the past 26 years as well as its success story.

The students were taking round the factory and toured the new $70 million bottling plant which was recently commissioned by President John Mahama.

Started with five workers at the garage of the owner and businessman Dr Adjei in 1989 at Nungua, Kasapreko has now grown into a multi-million-dollar multinational total beverage company employing over 600 workers.

With the state-of-the art automated factory machines, Kasapreko has over 21 brands under its fold cutting across alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories of drinks.