´┐ŻAlomo Is Scientifically-Proven Bitters Product´┐Ż

The Executive Director of the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (CSRPM) Dr Augustine Ocloo has asked consumers of herbal products especially alcoholic beverages to look out for the mark of efficacy on such products which has been given by scientific institutions before consuming them.

Dr Ocloo added that it is not enough to depend on what advertisers say about a product in the media but what state institutions mandated to carry out research on such products have stated.

Established by the Government of Ghana in 1975, the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant medicine is one key institution that is mandated to among other things, conduct scientific research into all medical herbs that is used in the country. In this connection, the Centre collaborates and work with herbal medicine practitioners and beverage production companies. One such company which has a long standing relationship with the Centre for scientific into Plant Medicine is Kasapreko Company Limited, they are the only company that has done research on their herbal drink “ALOMO BITTERS”

Dr Ocloo attributed the growth and the sterling performance of Kasapreko on the international market to the importance of the company attaches to research, science and innovation. He therefore urged the management of the company to continue to invest in research and development.

The Deputy Director of the Centre Dr Alfred Ampomah Appiah said Alomo Bitters, one of Kasapreko’s flagship brands is a product that received a lot attention at the research centre to ensure that every property used in production meets international standard.

The Public Relation Director of the Center Mr. Baffour Osei Akoto said Ghana has a lot to offer the world and companies like Kasapreko are trail blazers and should be supported by all.