Woman Rapes Woman Using Dildo After Sedating Her

A young woman has told the Anyah police of her disbelief when she realised that she had been raped by another woman, allegedly with an artificial penis, at Ablekuma, near Awoshie, in Accra.

The 22-year-old victim, whose name has been withheld by the police, was taken to the police station in an unstable state in a taxi by her parents who thought she had been poisoned by the suspect.

The police gave the name of the suspect as Queeny Akuffo, 26, who is suspected to have been engaging in the practice of using prosthesis to have sexual intercourse with other young girls.

The victim, who is a mother of one, is said to be unemployed and has been washing Queeny’s clothes and those of some neighbours to make a living. The two live in the same neighbourhood at Ablekuma.

Victim tells police her story

Briefing the Daily Graphic, the Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mrs Afia Tenge, said the victim, who was taken to hospital after the police had issued a medical form, told the police when she recovered that she was invited by Queeny to her room for a chat.

She said the victim claimed she was on her way to buy food for her son when Queeny saw her and invited her.

According to Mrs Tenge, the victim said she quickly went home to attend to her son before she honoured the invitation.

The victim claimed when she went to Queeny’s house, she was ushered into the sitting room.

While there, the victim said Queeny offered her a glass of Vodka, but she declined.

However, the victim said Queeny convinced her to take it with the explanation that it was non-alcoholic.

After she took the Vodka, the victim realised she had become tipsy but Queeny assured her it was normal.

Later, Mrs Tenge said, the victim claimed Queeny sent her 13-year-old sister, who lived with her, to buy two bottles of beer which they consumed.

The victim is said to have passed out after taking the beer.

Eyewitness informs police

A 14-year-old boy, who lived in the neighbourhood and was visiting Queeny’s sister, went to the victim’s house after he had been driven out by Queeny, to inform the victim’s parents that their daughter had been drugged by Queeny.

The boy claimed he had seen Queeny and the victim drinking together and later saw Queeny dragging the victim, who was in a wobbly state, into her bedroom before he was driven away.

The parents of the victim went to Queeny’s house and found her taking a video coverage with her mobile phone, while inserting the prosthesis into the private parts of their daughter.

But Mrs Tenge said the parents, who found their daughter in an unconscious state, took her to the police station to file a complaint that their daughter had been poisoned.

The police, she said, issued a medical form to the parents to take the victim to hospital, while they proceeded to the house of the suspect.

At Queeny’s house, the police retrieved the empty bottles of beer and Vodka, the vibrator and also found the video on Queeny’s mobile phone.