Colts Football; Facing A New Dimension - Saanie Daara

The communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Mr. Ibrahim Sannie Daara does not agree with assertions that Colts Football in Ghana is ‘dead’.

There is a general outcry that Colts Football in Ghana is dead but according to the GFA spokesperson, Colts football has rather taken a new dimension in Ghana.

Reacting to newly appointed Sports Minister, Mr. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye’s statement at the vetting committee, Mr. Ibrahim Sannie Daara told Accra based Happy FM that, it might look like colts football is dead in Ghana but realistically it is not so.

“When you look at what he[Sports Minister] says on the face of it, you might think its true but in reality it is not the same” Sannie Daara said.

“If one says colts football is dead, I would turn to differ with you a little bit.

“Colts football has face a new dimension. The new dimension in the sense that, in the past, there were just a few colts clubs. But today, up to the point we [GFA] decided to wittle down the number of colts teams in Ghana, there were 2000 colts teams. Even Germany with the most comprehensive youth system in the World don’t have 2000 youth teams” he added.

Sannie further noted that the emergence of football Academy system in the country has also had a toll on the colts system.

“The concept of Academies has also emerged. So the talents that normally will play in the colts leagues have been taken by the academies and are being housed the” he noted.

“So when one says colts football is dead, the person may not appreciate the fact that a chunk of the young talents, particularly the top quality among them are housed in an Academy” he added.

Sannie Daara was however quick to admit that the standard of the colts system has fallen.