Prez Mahama Should Stop Campaigning If . . . - Kweku Kwarteng

Member of Parliament for Obuasi West constituency, Kweku Kwarteng has pooh-poohed at the President’s State of The Nation Address saying he did not make any relevant point.

According to him, the knowledge he has developed over the years about the delivering of a state of the nation address is for the president in power to touch on areas like, the current state of the nation, challenges the country is facing now and how he is working to resolve those challenges.

“In fact what the president read to Ghanaians yesterday was his political campaign message and not the state of the nation address,” he said in an interview with Okay FM on ‘Ade Akye Abia’ programme.

The state of the nation address means a sitting president narrating the accurate state or position of the nation including both the good and bad aspects.

I became quite angry when the president asked Ghanaians to vote him back as president based on his achieved developments,” he stated.

He noted that there would be no need for the president to campaign for the coming polls if he claims he has worked hard enough to win the elections.