Abraham Attah vs Moesha Boduong

The difference between you at work and God at work

Picture Number 1

The name trending everywhere in Ghana and all over social media right now is Abraham Nii Attah, a multi international award winning actor who was a hawker helping his mum with no hope of ever appearing in the middle page of any Ghanaian newspaper just about a year ago. Today, BBC is talking about him

He is dining with the Sylvester Stallons and the John Legends. As Yvonne Okoro humbly puts it, he is living the dream almost every Ghanaian actor dreams of at the age of 14. I don’t have to go into details since enough has been said about him on social media and in the news. He was hosted by the Vice President on his return. President Mahama and Ex-Prez Kuffour have all commented on his achievement. Obviously, the sky is the limit for Abraham Attah but even if he decides to quit acting today, his story will be remembered many decades to come.

Picture Number 2

Picture Number two is Moesha Boduong, also an actress with a couple of cameo appearance in a couple of movies you can’t remember. I dare you to. In her quest to be famous, this lady has over the past three to four years shared countless half-naked-jaw-dropping-pictures of herself on social media for all to see her goods. She endures the pain of using waist trainers to make her waist more slender and increase her marketability.

Every single day, she shares a picture that is more revealing than that of the day before. She deserves a Grammy for her effort alone. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for her. She has an underwhelming acting career and equally worse modelling career. The worst part is that people are getting used to seeing her half naked pictures and therefore, her expose’ no longer has the effect and appeal it used to have. She belongs to the category of ‘celebrities I call ‘hustlers for Fame -H4F’. Can you tell me a single movie she acted in? You’re now thinking abi?


As much as this piece appears to be a dig at Moesha, she is just the object for my piece because there are people like Princess Shyngle, Benedicta Gafah, Efia Odo, Salma Mumin and more ladies who have taken to sharing half naked picture in their quest to be famous and yet with very little success to show for their effort.

Actresses like Yvonne Okoro, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Emilai Brobbey, Nana Ama McBrown, Vivian Gill are just a few of our stars who despite having not received Abraham Atta’s level of recognition have been able to forge a successful career locally and continentally with their hard work, dedication, talent and as they mostly put it- The Grace of God What I want everyone to know is that there is a complete difference between you at work and God at work.

In Abraham’s case, it was out of nowhere; he was discovered on the street when he was doing nothing related to acting. This is how things happen when we patiently wait on the Lord. I am not saying the 14-year-old boy was simply waiting on God. I am only using his story to drive home the point that your own strength is very limited and can, therefore, achieve very little. In this life, the patient person almost always gets more than the desperate person

Abraham has put less than 5% of the effort Moesha has put into their career, but the result is that he has achieved possibly more than hundred times in one year than Moesha may achieve in her entire acting care. That is if she has any at this material moment

Over the past couple of years, many young ladies naturally blessed with beauty in Ghana have taken to using that beauty to get to the top prematurely through social media and our mainstream media. Browsing regular news website and trying to catch up with what is trending on social media has become almost similar to watching an adult movie. There is nudity everywhere all in the name of fame. The level of desperation is too high with little result to show for.

I want to tell all those who think their beauty will do it all to seek God. By now, if they are any smart enough, they will know that the result of their desperate measures to succeed has been very underwhelming and, therefore, need to relax and let Jesus take the wheel of their lives and careers. It is a shame seeing our beautiful young ladies posting half naked pictures to attract attention.

Every single successful actor or actress in Ghana had the Abraham Atta experience in their own small way when an unexpected door opened for them. It is all about working hard and improving yourself and counting on God to do the rest. Posting half naked picture will surely make you popular, but it does not guarantee success. On the contrary, it destroys your image and makes you unfit for many roles in movies.

When you allow God, you move faster, when you do it yourself, you waste time, run out of gas and never reach your destination

The story of Abraham Attah should teach these ladies some lessons. It takes talent, hard work, humility and God’s favour for certain doors to open. Naked pictures and videos won’t catapult you to the top. God and your talent would. Every human gets, at least, one chance to succeed, those in haste usually miss their opportunity.

Sorry Moesha, I have nothing against you. I chose you because you have posted more half naked pictures than any celebrity-wannabe over the past couple of years in Ghana. You agree, don’t you?