We Are Off NPP�s Case: We Are Now On The NDC!

The Informer, has never hidden its pro-NDC colours: in like manner, we have never hidden the fact that, we will not be an establishment of gaping sycophants, and end up playing the ostrich, when there is the need to speak out.

The time has come for us, to stop hitting at the NPP; and to begin hitting at the Presidency, and the NDC party.

If it is the case that, the Presidency, and the NDC, will sit and allow Stan Dogbe to, single-handedly send us into opposition, then The Informer, might as well join the crusade to send the NDC into opposition, by leaving the NPP alone, and hitting very hard at internal matters.

The goofs and gaffes from the Presidency, have been one too many, and if people who must act decisively to restore pride and dignity to the governance process are refusing to act, then The Informer, will now going forward wage a relentless crusade, without fear or favour.

We did our utmost bit to support President Mills to win the 2008 elections; we did same for President John Dramani Mahama to win the 2012 elections; we intend to do our utmost best to support President Mahama to retain the presidency; but if the President, will not support us to support him, nobody should blame us if we take a principled stance to begin to hit hard at the Presidency and the NDC Government.

The Informer is hereby, serving notice and notice is hereby served that, nobody should waste his/her time attempting to stop us, because we shall not stop until the right thing is done!!