Voltic Ghana Ltd. Pledge To Recycle Used Plastic Products Into Useful Materials

The ministry of local government and rural development in partnership with environment 360, voltic Ghana limited and Accra waste management program has launched the second phase of its recycling programme to help address the post consumer waste challenges faced in Accra.

Speaking to the corporate and legal affairs director of Voltic Ghana limited Ms.Adjoba Kyiamah noted that the waste management program introduced is to help address reduce the large scale post consumer waste challenges in Accra as Voltic Ghana limited will be recycling all the plastic water bottles in other useful materials that will help develop the country.

She further that Ghanaian should develop positive attitude in managing the plastic waste bins as to promote good recycling in the country.

She also urged the public to avoid the habit of unlawful throwing rabbish around in community as to help keep the country clean.

In an interview with the chairman of the Ghana Plastic Waste Management Program Mr.Ebo Botwe, he urged Ghanaians to stop using the used plastic bottles for selling ice kenkey ,sobolo and others as it have a lot of health risk on consumers.

He also urged Ghanaians to make good used of the waste plastic bottles bins by not throwing other rubbers into it.