Stop Using Bishop Obinim In Your Satire

It's becoming a scourge in this country where some intellectual chicanery people are hiding under online satire to infamy and besmirch respected persons in our society.

First of all we must understand that our society do not understand satire but take it to be a true story. A case for cogitation is a satire online portal 'screwlife' which recently published a story with caption " Florence Obinim Declares: ‘My Husband Turns into a Horse During s*x So I Am Over Fulfilled"  You will all  agree with me that this is ludicrous but you have people including intellectuals who will give undeserving credence to this.

This website continuous to  write misleading stories about Bishop Daniel Obinim and the wife unabated. To add more pain to injury; they don't even indicate in the story that is a satire and some bollixed radio stations review them. These stories are taken by the public as true stories. Recently I had it tough explaining to people is a satire. A Lecturer at KNUST, who is learned use to pick such stories for his program on Ultimate 106.9 Fm in Kumasi.

I will like to state clearly that actions will soon be taken if such stories about Bishop Daniel Obinim and his family are not ceased. You use the name of such a great man of God to sell your work in absurd way, that is evil and Machiavellian.

Today is Bishop Obinim so you are all quite, tomorrow it will be you, your Father or somebody you apotheosize so much.