Nigerian Family Prays On The Deck Of A Ship After Being Rescued (PHOTO)

Why risk the lives of your children like this? Is Nigeria that bad that you would put them in a boat in the unsafe waters to take them to another country? 

1500 Europe-bound African men, women and children were rescued in the last 48 hours off Libya shores by Libyan Coast Guard and MSF Sea. The illegal African migrant were stranded at sea on the verge of drowning as they were cruising on rubber boats towards Europe. Among those rescued by MSF Sea is this Nigerian couple and their children.

Reports say that illegal immigration is surging especially with the start of spring, which is very suitable for immigration by sea. There are currently at least 300 thousand migrants in Libya waiting for a chance to be smuggled by boat to Europe.

Photo credit: France-based photographer, C Stramba-Badiali