Nigerian Actress Closes Case Against Hubby

Star actress, Eucharia Anunobi, yesterday at the Ikeja High Court closed her case against her husband, Charles Ekwu, who has refused to join issues with her in court. Eucharia, who has just returned from Europe after over one month holiday with her only son, is asking for a whopping N100 million as divorce settlement from her husband. During her testimony, she told the court that her husband abandoned her and their son and took to illicit affair with their housemaid. She also told the court that he had refused to live up to his matrimonial responsibilities. Subsequently, she asked the court to dissolve their marriage as it had broken down irreconcilably. Since there was no representation from her husband to cross examine her after her testimony, her lawyer, Michael Nwanna, prayed the court for a date to adopt their submission. The presiding judge, Justice Dawodu-Williams, granted the prayer and further adjourned the matter till 14 October 2009 for final address. Since the case began, Eucharia�s husband, Ekwu who is believed to be living abroad, has not shown interest in the matter either by putting up appearance in court or making comments. When nfc broke the news of Eucharia�s divorce settlement demand, it elicited harsh comments from the reading public. That perhaps informed why Eucharia suddenly at the court yesterday modified her claims, reducing it to N10 million. She had told the court: �I want dissolution of my marriage which has broken down completely; I want sole custody of my son, Raymond Joshua Chinonso Chimaobi Ekwu. Also, I want compensation for maintenance of myself and my son as the court deems fit in that regard. Her sudden change of mind is in contrast with her initial demand that the court grant her the sole custody of the only child of their marriage and N100 million compensation for all expenses borne by her after the husband reportedly abandoned their matrimonial home. While being led in evidence by her counsel, Michael Nwana earlier, she told the court on 3 June this year that she and her husband got married on 20 December, 2000 at Ikoyi Registry but the marriage which produced a boy, Raymond Chinonso Ekwu, broke down in 2006. According to her, �The marriage has broken down because in 2006 when we had a misunderstanding on his infidelity because I caught him with our 13-year old housemaid and when I raised eyebrows, he moved out of our matrimonial home and till now we have not heard from nor seen him�. �It has not been easy because I have always been responsible financially in sustaining the marriage. We have been living in the house I secured as a spinster, even after marriage because of the love I have for him.� Eucharia�s lawyer, Nwana had assured the court that the amendment was in order to make everything smooth. Subsequently, the case was adjourned till 23 September, this year for cross examination and further hearing