Photos: Meet The Boom J8; Tecno�s New, Impressive & Brilliant Smart Phone

Of the myriad of hi-tech toys out there screaming for our attention on a daily basis, none fascinates me more than smartphones.

My natural gravitation towards smartphones have seen me transit from a mere gadget freak to a Tech journalist; sniffing out the best mobile devices in the market and giving mobile users reasons to get their next smartphone.

So, doing my routine online search for top smartphones brands making the rounds this first quarter of 2016, an unexpected newcomer, TECNO BOOM J8 popped up amongst the all too familiar buzz makers such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s HTC M10 and LG G5. The BOOM J8 is certainly a smart phone worth every attention.

Built for music

It will take a careful search to find a top high-end smartphone that combines highly optimized audio software and hardware components for complete immersion in music experience, like what has been done in TECNO BOOM J8.

The pre-installed custom apps like the BOOM player and BOOM Maxx apps found on BOOM J8, makes music a fresh experience for any user.

BOOM Maxx app on TECNO BOOM J8