Cape Coast Jubilee Park In Ruins

Cape Coast Jubilee Park is gradually becoming an eye sore as the national asset is fast decaying due to the lack of proper maintenance Today can report.

Apart from the occasional paintings the park receives during national events like the Independence and May Day celebrations, it has not seen any major rehabilitation since its construction nine years ago.

The nearness of the park to the beach has left it to the mercy of the sea breeze which has resulted in the metal pellets and handles rusting due to the salty nature of the water body.

A recent visit by Today showed how erosion has further worsened and destroyed the beauty of the once colourful structure as pavement blocks used for the grounds had been washed away, making it a playing ground for children.

The seemingly abandoned structure Today observed has now been turned into the abode and store house of fisher folks in the area who repair and spread their fishing nets on the grounds to dry them.

Today   further observed that the   supposed entertainment pub created within the park has been turned into a store house where the fishermen keep their fishing nets whiles others keep theirs in huge piles by the walls of the park.

Today  realised during a visit to the area that, refuse such as sachet bags, empty bottles, and other forms of plastics had engulfed the  park with weeds growing on some portions of the cemented ground.

This development, Today understands has created   suspicion amongst residents who are demanding an explanation from the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly (CCMA) as to what they used the fees they collected in renting out the park for social events for.

They pointed out that, the park has been the official ceremonial grounds for most events including festivals, Church crusades, funerals and parties among others in the metropolis.

They therefore could not understand why the CCMA did not use the revenue they got from such activities to properly maintain the place.

Although all efforts to get the Cape Coast Mayor, Mrs. Priscilla Arhin Korankye, to respond to the allegations proved futile, a source close to the Assembly told this paper that plans were far-advanced to award the rehabilitation of the park on contract to keep it in good shape.

According to the source, the Assembly has been painting and undertaking some rehabilitation works on the park from time to time but its closeness to the sea has been a major challenge.

The source indicated that the Assembly was however poised to maintain the park and has already awarded the rehabilitation of the entertainment pub as a contract so as to keep the place lively as well as stop the fishermen from keeping their nets there.

“Our problem is where to relocate these fishermen so we are hoping that when the pub is revived, it will prevent the fishermen from hanging around the area and there will be total sanity”, the source added.

The Jubilee Park which was named after the late British Queen Victoria when she visited Cape Coast in the Colonial era, is reported to be the first park to host the first ever football match to be played in Ghana.