I�m No More Shatta�s Hypes man - Ara-B

In his quest to concentrate solely on his budding career as a Hiphop/Dancehall musician, self-proclaimed Ghanaian ‘Dancehall Prince’, Ara-B, has disclosed he is no longer working as a hypes man for Shatta Wale.

Ara-B in an interview with Flex newspaper confirmed benefitting immensely from hyping Shatta Wale on various huge stages. However, his new managerial deal permits him to concentrate on his career only.

“The last time I hyped Shatta Wale on stage was at the Ghana Meets Naija concert. I’m on my own now. I’m no more Shatta’s hypes man. My new management is trying to work on my career now, so the hypes man job is on hold. I can’t tell how things would turn out with my new team and if I become a big artiste, I don’t know if I’d return to hype Shatta Wale. Maybe we would just refix the songs we have together rather,” Ara-B revealed.

The ‘Dancehall Prince’ went on to debunk rumors that, there might be an evolving bad blood between himself and the Reality singer. He stated in assurance they are both in a very healthy relationship. Touching on whether or not he believes someone would be able to replace him in the Shatta Movement camp, Ara-B said being a hypes man for a brand like Shatta Wale entails a lot more than the average man sees on stage.

“I can’t really tell if someone can replace me, but one thing I know for a fact is that, being a hypes man is not for the lazy. It takes a lot of hard work. You must be able to jump around, move when your artiste moves, raise your hands, cheer the crowd and be conversant with the lyrics of all the songs your artiste would perform. There are rehearsal sections when it’s needed, but some of us love what we do so we often just get on stage and vibe along,” the Hear Me Now artiste emphasized.

His new management, he intimated, would be unveiled as soon as all the legal documents binding their contract is ready and done away with. Popularly known for songs like Side Chick, Twerk, Triangle and a host of others, the versatile musician is planning to release a controversial hiphop tune very soon.

Ara-B is currently busy shooting a splendid video for his hit banger Trust Nobody. He is telling the entire nation to keep their fingers crossed as he prepares a lyrically disastrous entry into the music industry.