Abraham Ohene Djan Condemns Shatta Wale,EL & Sarkodie For Displaying Guns In Videos

Renowned video director, Abraham Ohene Djan has critically called out young directors and artistes who copy ways of the west blindly.

According to the iconic director, the sort of items most notably the portrayal of guns, alcoholism and gangster lifestyle in music videos lately is alarming.

Listing the likes of Shatta Wale, EL and Sarkodie, OM during an interaction stated that, these guys are no doubt talented but the brandishing of weapons in music videos must stop as it may do more harm than just be for fun.

The ace director revealing his disappointment in such projects believes certain elements doesn’t depict our society. Like he simply put it they should rather portray what we have.

‘’When you put a gun or alcoholism on screen, you indirectly make it a norm in our society and kids might be influenced by that’’, he stated.

He also took a swipe at directors who allow such concepts in their projects, ‘’don’t blame anyone when it gets to a time kids are seen running around brandishing guns all over cos you as a director did not think about how this will affect young people’’, he added.

For him back then seeing a gun was a big deal but now we think it’s a joke, citing recent videos like Shatta Wale’s ‘Kakai’, EL’s ‘All Black’ & Sark’s ‘Revenge Of the Spartans’ all displaying guns. The pioneering director who is known for groundbreaking productions is set to release a new project, 'Dreams & Hiphop' a musical fiction biopic expected to hit cinemas soon.