Of Sham Feminists

Ghanaian feminists with blemished integrities have missed a golden opportunity to alter the negative impressions about them.

Most of them, the garrulous and busybodies, strode across the political space some years ago ostensibly fighting for local feminine rights: their political inclinations whose cause they subtly worked for, concealed tactfully. At the time, they earned a certain pedigree which set them apart from women.

Now the chickens have come home to roost and their true colours are visible for all to see. They have lost the confidence of a cross-section of Ghanaians who now regard them as more of politicians serving the parochial interests of the ruling party than the challenged and endangered women of Ghana.

They would only hit the streets and capture the headlines when there is a political touch to a subject. Only then would they skew it to suit their favour. We can only associate ourselves with this impression, given the realities on the political space.

Those who have been offered ministerial appointments no longer have time for issues which do not exude political dividends.

As long as they hold on to these appointments, any attack on the Chief Justice and other gender colleagues holding top positions is fair game, no matter the magnitude, to elicit any street action from them.

The populism is not meant for the Georgina Theodora Woods, Sophia Akuffos and Ursula Owusus and the others who have endured indignities from government salaried hounds.

To qualify for their attention, victims must be visibly associated with the ruling party.

The Ghanaian woman suffers all manner of indignation when seeking employment and when they eventually land these jobs, they are subjected to an assortment of undignified treatments at the hands of male chauvinists.

This is the real ordeal suffered by the Ghanaian woman: this is not what the cacophonous so-called feminists have been engaged in of late. They have been discredited with organizing politically motivated demonstrations in recent times.

Enter the Montie 3 and its associated complications. Nobody has heard any of them coming to the aid of the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court Judge after they were harangued by the three infamous young men as they performed the assignment of President John Mahama, as one of them, Salifu Maase aka Mugabe put it.

The so-called feminists should have poured onto the streets to demonstrate when the dignity of womanhood was challenged by unprintable remarks, as it happened when the Montie 3 threatened the Supreme Court judges, including the Chief Justice with death.

Rather than rush to the aid of the threatened female public servants, the so-called feminists have rather associated themselves with the interests of the Montie trio.

By appending their signatures to the pardon call register, these women have abandoned the interests of their gender colleagues and lost any moral right to claim to be fighting for their colleagues in the future. We need a fresh crop of feminists to champion the cause of women in Ghana.