NPP Should Also Start Sharing Items If . . .  - Dept Comm Dir of NDC

National Democratic Congress [NDC], Deputy Communications Director, Kwaku Boahen has said that his party is embarking on a totally different campaign strategy to win the upcoming December polls.

According to him the kind of campaign strategy the NDC would come up with for this year’s election would keep the NPP’s Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s mouth shut.

Members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have accused the NDC and the first lady, Lordina Mahama of sharing items such as; outboard motors, hair-dryers, sewing machines, head pans, etc. to voters as incentives to vote for their party come December 7.

On UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ show, Kwaku Boahen screamed that “Nana Addo and his members have not seen or felt anything yet . . . Why are they worried that we are meeting the needs of citizens . . . this has been the President’s primary motive ever since he become the first gentleman of this land”.

He urged the NPP to buy the same items and distribute if they want to or prevent the benefactors from receiving the items given them, than trying to paint the NDC black when it has thought of resourcing Ghanaians than doing a different thing which would not benefit them.

“We are yet to start the campaign trills . . . the stage in which we are now is the basic level, there are more stages to come,” he said.

He told host of the show, Kwame Ajetia that “members of the NPP are not seeing the developments of the Mahama led administration because they have been blocked by the elephant in front of them. Therefore the [NDC] would soon push the elephant away from that position to make them see well the good works of Mahama and his government”.