National Security Probes Galamsey Queen

National Security operatives are probing the circumstances underpinning the operations of a Chinese Galamsey kingpin and how some security personnel got associated with the lady known as Asia Huang.

Agents of some security agencies were so embroiled in her activities that they soon compromised their integrity allowing for the perpetuation of unauthorized operations in a manner which has been described as worrying by a top security official.

It has come to light that some of the illegalities involved the movement of security persons from Accra to the Ashanti Region on the blind side of the top authorities who should have really authorized such operations.

Sadly the operations were not undertaken to ensure that the laws regarding mining were not breached but rather to make money by compromising their positions.

DAILY GUIDE has learnt that the former National Security official in charge of the Ashanti Region was transferred from the region as a result of some of these glaring aberrations.

Last week a DAILY GUIDE report had it that the Chinese lady had been left off the hook following her earlier arrest for flouting mining laws.

Her activities were said to have degraded vast areas and even caused the death of six children at Gyaman after they had fallen into open pits which were filled with water.

The ongoing investigations in Accra seek to unearth circumstances leading to the release of seized equipment and the extent of involvement of security operatives among other terms of reference.