Black Star International Film Festival 2016 Ends In Accra

There could not have been a better way for the organisers to end the Black Star International Film Festival than the last Saturday night rendevous held at the poolside of the Movenpick Hotel in Accra.
That was the official closing ceremony to bring the three-day festival to an end. The closing film was Gold Coast which is a Ghana/Denmark collaboration set in 1836.

Certificates of Participation were presented to all the film producers who were part of the festival and one could deduce that they had had an exciting time and bonded very well considering the defeaning applause that greeted the mention of every name.

Giving her closing remarks, the Executive Director of the festival, Ms Juliet Asante used the opportunity to express her gratitude to all who made the festival a reality.

“Having been to festivals all over the world, I thought why don’t we bring it home and I am glad we did because the networking opportunities have been amazing, “ she said.

“I would like to say thanks to our key partners, sponsors, volunteers and filmmakers without whom the festival wouldn’t have been possible.”

There were solidarity messages from the Goethe Institut and some individuals interlaced with cultural performances and a performance by a young songstress called Anita.

Speaking to Showbiz after the festival, Ms Juliet Asante said on the whole, the festival had gone well though there were some challenges, “ I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I recognise that for the first time, there will be some challenges. It wasn’t as perfect as I would have hoped. We scored about 85 per cent,” she said.

“We got all the people to come, the African filmmakers, distributors and filmmakers from all over the world. A lot of them got distribution deals and I am happy about that.”

She added that the whole process is a struggle as her personal funds goes into it, “Goethe Institut paid for travel and accomodation for our foreign guests but there was no money for technical support, volunteers used their own money for transportation and they won’t get paid, we should be able to pay them.”

According to Ms Asante, all the events were successful but they need more government support, “I am talking particularly about our sector ministry, their refusal to engage with us is quite confusing. 

“ I’m not interested in putting anyone on the spot but for an industry that can bring so much value to the country, they have to come on board.

“I also urge our actors and crew members to be a part of subsequent editions because this is for them and they have to participate fully,” she concluded.

Among actors who graced the closing ceremony were Akorfa Edjeani and young actor, Abraham Attah.