Miracle Films Accused of Sabotaging Lilwin

Former Spokesperson for ace actor Agya Koo, Isaac Rockson has alleged that Chief Executive Officer of Miracle Films, Rev. Samuel Nyamekye has decided to feature the former in most of his movies than Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win in recent times.

Rockson explained on Kasapa Entertainment hosted by Kojo Preko Dankwa that at a press conference led by manager of Peace and Love Films, Rev. Nyamekye pleaded with Agya Koo to forgive him for not featuring him (Agya Koo) previously in his movies.

“Miracle Films has now linked up with Agya Koo because he endorsed the NPP. They wanted to lift up Agya Koo against Lil Win so that they will bring Lil Win down. So Peace and Love decided to invest in Agya Koo but I quite remember that Miracle Films called Agya Koo to plead with him and through that many issues also came out.

“Miracle Films has been playing the devil’s advocate in the film industry in Ghana especially in the Asante region. He throws dusts into the eyes of industry players and has brought divisions among them.”

“The last press conference was a resolution press conference that was led by Peace and Love but even with that Agya Koo decided never to work with Jones Agyemang meanwhile Peace and Love planned to bring back Agya Koo to strongly compete with Lil Win since he (Lil Win) had no competitor even up to date Lil Win doesn’t have a Competitor.”

He claimed most of the movie producers who sidelined Agya Koo due to his conduct are core sympathizers of the New Patriotic Party, adding that if he (Agya Koo) attributes his movie role impasse to the current Government as the cause then he is a liar.

“I called Agya Koo on phone to see how best I can help resolve his issues but he was somehow reluctant to open up to me so I truthfully told him I want to help him but I saw that he had issues with so many people such as Socrate Safo, Samuel Nyamekye (Miracle Films), Frank Gharbin, Jones Agyeman, almost everybody in the industry Agya Koo had problems with them because he never respected anyone, he speaks anyhow and does what he likes.

“All the producers I aforementioned are all core sympathizers of the NPP so if today Agya Koo says the current Government is the cause of his woes as an actor, then I can tell him that he’s a liar. Rather his own colleagues who share the same political sympathies planned his down fall because of his attitude.”