Free Education For Medical Students Under CPP

In living up to its socialist ideology, the Convention People’s Party is promising Ghanaians who want to study medicine a free postgraduate education. This according to the party’s presidential candidate, is targeted at stemming the brain drain syndrome that has confronted the health sector for decades.

Addressing delegates at the launch of CPP’s 2016 manifesto Saturday, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet enumerated a number of great ideas, which he asked electorate to return the CPP into power to enable the party implement them.

Among the promises is ensuring that persons who aspire to become doctors in future are not made to pay for their postgraduate education, which has been a stumbling block to many wanting to pursue medicine.

“In our manifesto, we are saying postgraduate education would be free for all doctors to make sure we retain them,” Mr. Greenstreet declared.

The CPP presidential candidate though did not mention what the party has for teachers as captured in the manifesto, he was emphatic that his government would not let teachers and other health workers down.

“There is nothing I will not do for teachers or doctors,” he maintained. Ivor

9000 megawatts wind energy

The CPP government, he said, would take key interest in renewable energy to beef up the generation capacity in the face of erratic gas supply for the thermal plants and dwindling water level to feed the hydro dams.

In that light, the CPP is hoping to erect wind turbines covering a distance of about 1000 kilometers along the Volta Lake from the south to the north of Ghana. The wind turbines are expected to generate about 9000 megawatts of power for the national grid.

The launch of the party’s manifesto took place at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences and was attended by leading members of the party founded by Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The party also launched both the braille and sign language versions of the manifesto.