RE: We’re Not Happy – Togbe Afede

We would like to react to a story which the above caption in the General News segment of GhanaWeb, Friday, October 28, 2016, which was attributed to Starrfmonline,com, and to set the records straight.

First, Togbe did not make an “address” during Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo’s visit to the Volta Region House of Chiefs on Friday, Ocotber 28. Togbe only welcomed him to the House and thanked him for coming.

Second, Togbe addressed a gathering when Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo paid a courtesy call on him earlier in the morning at the Asogli palace.

In his address, Togbe made no reference to “bad economic policies”, neither did he mention any political party during his speech.
The relevant portions of Togbe’s address are as follows:

“I want to present the reality of the black man’s world, from Haiti to the Horn of Africa.”

“I also want to express my respect for the constitutional requirement that
chiefs should not engage in partisan politics. But that does not preclude chiefs from commenting on issues that affect them and their subjects.
Politicians come and go, but the chief remains and is the first point of call when their subjects suffer poverty and deprivation.”

“Development is important …” “Happiness is the essence, and it is important for unity, peace, stability and for continuing development. So without guaranteeing the freedom to pursue happiness, no nation can develop to its full potential.”

“This is why the pursuit of happiness is recognized under the American constitution as an inalienable right given to all human beings by the Creator, and which governments are formed to protect. This is also why the United Arab Emirates has established a Ministry of Happiness and appointed a Minister of Happiness.”

“Poor people can’t be happy. People who lack jobs and basic amenities cannot be happy. The increase in suicide rate among 20-40 year olds evidences the fact that a lot of our people are not happy. The fact that our people prefer xenophobic isolation abroad, and are dying trying to cross the desert and the sea in search for greener pastures, shows that they are not happy at home.”

“So as leaders, our energies should be directed at wealth creation. I haven’t said poverty reduction. That’s negative and uninspiring. We should create wealth so that we can pull our people out of poverty, so that they can be happy, value their lives, and live unity and peace, which are necessary conditions for continuing stability and development.”

“I believe we can do it. Yes, we can! But turning our fortunes around would require that we do things differently. More of the same approach will not produce different results.”

“We can do it if we develop a bold, compelling vision, based on our strengths. Mediocrity and snail-paced development will keep us backward……..”


Secretary, Asogli State Council

October 29, 2016