Akwamu Traditional Council Condemns Comment Against Akufo-Addo

The Akwamu Traditional Council has dissociated itself from a recent comment by its acting president, Osuogyasono Yaw Boadu IV against New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo.

Osuogyasono Yaw Boadu IV is reported to have said that the Council will perform rituals to remove the image of the NPP presidential candidate from the ballot papers during the December 7 elections.

We are pleading with JM and assuring him that as we visit our black room for the sacred ritual, we are going to pour libation to delete the picture of the NPP flagbearer from the ballot paper so come December those who decide to vote for him do not even find him. The only image they will see will be that of John Mahama, Osuogyasono Yaw Boadu IV said in Twi during a mini-rally at Akosombo in the Eastern Region.

Joy News Eastern Region Correspondent, Maxwell Kudekor, also reports that Osuogyasono Yaw Boadu IV said the following in Twi:

We are going to the stool house to pray very hard  that anyone who have decided to vote for the NPP,  when you get to the polling station, you will not even see the NPP on the ballot.

The report also indicated that two other chiefs of in the Eastern Region, chiefs of Boso and Anum, were in support of the comment by the acting president of the Traditional Council.

However, in a press statement issued on Sunday by Krontihene of Akwamu Traditional Area on behalf of the Council, the Council said the comment by the chief was unfortunate.

“Akwamus have no rituals that influence elections and we will never make any statements nor take any actions to undermine the sovereignty of the people of Ghana in the political voting process,” Nana Asare Akowua said in the statement.

Read below the full statement by the Akwamu Traditional Council:

The Akwamu Traditional Council has been made aware of recent reports relating to statements made by the acting president of the Council, Osuogyasono Yaw Boadu IV, to the effect that the Traditional Council would engage in rituals towards eliminating the image of a leading political figure from the ballot papers during the forthcoming elections.

The Akwamu Traditional Council wishes to assure the people of Ghana that it does not engage in rituals of the nature described, nor does it intend to do so at any period in the future. Akwamus have no rituals that we perform that influence elections and we will never make any statements nor take any actions to undermine the sovereignty of the people of Ghana in the political voting process.

We believe a candidate will win the elections, and that will be determined by the sovereign will of all Ghanaians with the free expression of their voting choices at the polls on December 7, 2016.

Moreover, the people of Akwamu have never sought, and will never seek to speak for the Chiefs and people of Anum and Boso Traditional Areas. Akwamu, Boso and Anum have their own Traditional Councils, historically enjoying mutual alliance and co-existence in the Asuogyaman District.

The people of Akwamu take this opportunity to wish the people of Ghana well, as we join hands with our compatriots to ask Almighty God to grant us peace in our beloved nation. We further call on all Ghanaians especially the media, to refrain from uttering, publishing or broadcasting statements that may incite civil unrest in the lead up to the General Elections. We continue to pray for free, fair and above all peaceful elections. Long live Akwamuman, long live Ghana.

On behalf of Akwamu Traditional Council


Nana Asare Akowua

Krontihene of Akwamu Traditional Area.