IGP Has No Right To Allow Togolese To Vote � Cephas Arthur

The Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Cephas Arthur has said that the Inspector General of Police, John Kudalor has no right to allow Togolese entry to cast their vote in the December polls.

He said the IGP has no jurisdiction in Togo to command Togolese security officers to open their boarders.

Addressing the media on a day’s visit to the Volta Region, John Kudalor, observed that due to the long standing history between the Volta Region and the Republic of Togo, there is that tendency to challenge the eligibility of voters along the borders.

I don’t think the Togolese have any mandate to come and vote here; but you know the long standing history between the Volta Region and Togo. All that we are saying is that, any Ghanaian is free to stay anywhere and work. So if you are even living outside the African Continent and you are duly registered and your papers are ready, you can fly in, nobody can stop you at the airport. In the same wise if you find yourself in a country within our borders, I don’t think anybody should be prevented,” he stated.

He said his outfit would ensure that every individual with the requisite travel documents would have access into the country on the Election Day, and as well be permitted to exercise his or her franchise if duly registered.

But Superintendent Cephas Arthur said people accusing the IGP of allowing Togolese to cross the border and cast their vote on December 7 should desist from such comments since it is not his responsibility to allow eligible voters entry.

According to him, those making such comments are engaged in propaganda designed to discredit the integrity of the Police Servic and to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the IGP.

“IGP has no right to order Togolese into the country and so those accusing him should stop because even if eligible voters are allowed, the Interior minister is the only one to do that and not the IGP so please stop tarnishing his image” he stated.

The opposition New Patriotic Party in the Volta Region, has recently launched a campaign dubbed “Operation Eagle Eye” that seeks to keep surveillance along the Ghana-Togo frontier to prevent what they claim are Togolese nationals from entering the country to vote.

Their campaign was countered by the governing NDC which has vowed to ensure eligible Ghanaians working in Togo move into the country to vote.