Police Stop Construction Of Dangerous Filling Station At Anlo Town

Despite a stop work order from the Eastern Regional Disaster Management Committee to Dukes Petroleum limited over construction works on a filling station in a densely populated area at Anlo Town, a suburb of Koforidua, the company has defied the orders and busily working on the controversial filling station.

Currently, the filling station is near completion despite several protest by residents over safety concerns of the location.

The filling station is being built close to a cluster of houses, which poses serious threat to the health of persons staying closer to the site as a result of continues inhalation of harmful chemicals of petroleum products and also above all, danger to lives and properties in case of any unfortunate accident.

Residents in Anlo Town have embarked on several demonstrations calling on authorities to stop the project prompting action by the Eastern regional disaster Management committee led by the Eastern regional Minister Mavis Ama Frimpong to stop the developer in October but after a short while, work resumed steadily raising public concerns which became loud after the LA gas explosion which killed six persons and injured over 25 persons.

For this reason, the Eastern Regional Police Command stormed the site and invited workers on the site to the Regional Police Command.

Information gathered by Kasapa news indicates that, the police commander has issued stern warning to the developer and construction workers to vacate the area until further notice.

Dukes petroleum limited has defended itself claiming it has secured the necessary permits from the appropriate regulatory bodies to construct the fuel filling station.