Embattled Gbese Mantse To Be Sued If�

The Gbese Dzase kingmakers have threatened to take legal action against embattled Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi Bonte II to force him to abdicate his throne.

This comes on the back of a seven-day ultimatum given to Nii Ayi Bonte II to abdicate which expired yesterday (Wednesday).

The Gbese Mantse has come under intense pressure from some Ghanaians to abdicate after vowing to do same if the National Democratic Congress is defeated in the December 7 polls.

Meanwhile several efforts by some Ghanaians to get the chief to honour his promise has proved futile.

Spokesperson for the Gbese Dzase Kingmakers, Numo Okai Keteku in an interview said that they are currently discussing the next line of action with their lawyers to restore dignity to the throne.“We gave him a week and he has not obliged to our request so we the Dzase are taking action to see to it that he is sanctioned for what he did in contravention of the chieftaincy law. We are taking legal action; we are seeing our attorneys and they have decided to take it on.”

The kingmakers hope to get the Supreme Court to sanction the Gbese Mantse off his stool for contravening the chieftaincy laws.

While the group is bent on ensuring he lives up to his word, two other groups are claiming that the chief’s speech was taken out of contest.

Gbese Mantse won’t step down – Youth

Meanwhile, the youth of Gbese have rallied behind their chief saying calls on him to step down will not materialize.

According to the youth only the kingmakers of Gbese have the mandate to compel Ayi Bonte to abdicate.

“The seven day ultimatum cannot work, because those giving the ultimatum are not coming from the Gyase house so how do they give such ultimatum. Those given the ultimatum are nobody. Who are they and what is their capacity? He will never step down. He will only do that only when those who put him on the throne tells him to get down. Apart from the principal kingmakers of Gbese nobody can ask him to step down,” youth leader for Gbese, Nii Anan Agbo Meshack added.