PNC Leader Dismisses Deputy General Secretary

The 2016 presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Dr. Edward Nasigrie Mahama, has dismissed the party’s Deputy General Secretary in charge of Finance and Administration, Mohammed Haruna for allegedly engaging in acts which has embarrassed the party.

The dismissal letter signed by Dr. Mahama, and dated Tuesday, January 24 stated that he was dismissing Mr. Haruna from his position in his capacity as leader of the PNC.

The letter said part of the reasons for his dismissal was that the Deputy General Secretary reported the National Treasurer of the party, Akane Adams to the police as having allegedly stolen party money without recourse to the leadership of the party.

“An action which embarrassed me as the leader, the National Executive Committee and the entire membership of the PNC.”

“You have alleged that I, Dr. Edward Nasigrie Mahama, the leader have transferred party cash to buy treasury bills,” the letter further stated.

The letter claimed, “This claim is baseless and mischievously calculated to damage my reputation built over several years of selflessness and sacrifice to the PNC.

It is worth noting that as per the standing orders of the party, no individual executive can transfer party cash without a counter signature of either the leader, Chairman, General Secretary or National Treasurer.”

Dr. Edward Mahama refuted the allegation of having “treasury bills in my name anywhere in the world”.

It would be recalled that recently, Mr. Mohammed accused Dr. Mahama of diverting funds meant for the 2016 electioneering campaign for his personal gains.

He claimed that the flagbearer’s action was one of the factors that accounted for the poor performance of the PNC in the 2016 elections.

He further questioned the leadership style of Dr. Mahama claiming that none of the members of the flagbearer campaign team were members of the PNC and that he was of the view that the flagbearer did not campaign to the party’s satisfaction.

He said the PNC’s late launch of the party’s manifesto was another reason for the party poor performance at the polls.
Dr. Mahama, a five-time flagbearer of the party could only galvanise about 21,000 votes representing 0.16 per cent of the total valid votes during the 2016 presidential election.