Nzema Queen Mother Advises Minister-Designee's Attackers

Paramount Queenmother of Nzema Traditional Council in charge of development is enraged about unnecessary and frivolous claims by some faceless individuals that the President should withdrew the nomination of the Minister-designate for Tourism and Creative Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku over allegations that she had dabbled in-fraudulent activities in the past.

In the wake of the various radio accusations, Obaahemaa Edze Nkrumah II is admonishing those behind the Minister-nominee's accusers to have it in mind, thus if they are true Nzemas, that the lat time a native of the land was privileged to serve in ministerial capacity was in the early 60s and that if by the grace of God President Akufo Addo has been merciful to give the area a Minister, they (accusers) should not turn into nation wreckers and support the designee.

The queen mother is therefore imploring President Akufo-Addo to ignore what she described as baseless accusations flying around and work with her grandchild.

"I am on behalf of all the Chiefs in Axim, the Axim Youth Alliance and all the queen-mothers, in the area pleading with President Akufo Addo not to listen to the accusers of my grandchild and work with her. Were Catherine a fraudster I would be the first to raise red flags about the issue. I know all about what they are saying and I can say on authority that there's no iota to truth in it," she told this paper n an interview last Friday.

Another group under the name-Nzemaland Development Association- is unfurling its sleeves against any individual or groups that would be impediment to the appointment of minister-designated for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku.

This group, the paper learnt is ready to save the integrity of the president's nominees. In an interview with the media over the weekend, a member of Nzemaland Development Association, Diana Nyankopa Daniels said the Association is ready defend Mrs. Afeku's appointment.

She said the Association is made of all the political divide and they are bent on ensuring that she sails through as a minister. Madam Nyankopa Daniels however cautioned that should the President withdraw the appointment of Madam Afeku, the Association will organize women in the country to embark on series of demonstrations against the NPP government.