Kojo Antwi Led GHAMRO Administration Must Step Aside - Agya Koo

The controversies surrounding the perceived derision of managerial expertise of Kojo Antwi led the administration of Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) has taken a new convolution as popular Kumawood actor Agya Koo has also added his view on the cloying matter.

United Concerned members of Ghamro (UNICOM) led by highlife legend, Randy Nunoo had earlier agitated that, the management of Ghamro under Chairman Kojo Antwi and his administration lacks accountability.

According to them, although royalties have been collected for and on behalf of members, the leadership has failed to account for these royalties.

First Vice Chair for GHAMRO, Alhaji Ahmed Banda aka Bandex also in an interview with Agyemang Prempeh on Rainbow Radio vindicated the Randy Nunoo led’United Concerned members of Ghamro’ by attesting that, the Kojo Antwi led administration has failed to distribute royalties to musicians.

Speaking in a telephone conversation from his residence in Kumasi with Dr Who ,host of ‘Hot and Classic Showbiz review’ on Accra-based Hot 93.9Fm, the popular Kumawood actor ;Agya Koo who is also a musician with songs like, Aturufuor Deefour, “Yenu Brebre” and currently out with’Bakatuo”, also expressed his dissatisfaction on how Kojo Antwi led administration has failed to distribute royalties collected on behalf of members:

“I support what the United concern members of Ghamro are doing…The thing is, what normally help in nation building is truthfulness….we are in a union and every year there should be accountability….but when this doesn’t happen then there will be chaos…the performance of the Kojo Antwi led administration has been abysmal– the outgoing administration has not benefited musicians but worsened our plight”, Agya Koo quipped to Dr.Who

The legendary actor, delineated extensively that: “They have to account for their stewardship–the second vice chair of the current administration confirmed the same thing…I write my own songs and produce it myself…i have registered as a member of the union, as I speak with u right now, I’ve warned the Kumasi branch of the union to give me my royalties.

“Before traveling abroad, I went to the office twice to claim my royalties, but they told me to send them my bank details and I obliged–but they keep lying and tossing me. At a point, they told me they had paid the money into my account, but that was also a lie…I don’t think the Kojo Antwi led administration can do the job so they should step aside because they have failed”.

Known in real life as Kofi Adu, Agya Koo advised the United concerned members of Ghamro(UNICOM) not to be disheartened by their detractors but continue doing their work as true statesmen.