National Sports Authority In Huge Debt NSA Spokesperson

The spokeperson for the National Sports Authority, Frederica Mensah-Davies, has disclosed that the Authority is in a huge debt and currently needs a politician or businessman with links in government and the business community respectively to stear the affairs of the Authority.

According to him just recently the authority’s bus which serves as the only means of transportation for all sporting disciplines was seized by Goshen travel and tours after they obtained a court judgement to garnishee the account of the sports regulatory body and seize any movable property of the authority.

"The situation is very bad and the authority needs a new lift immediately.

“Currently the authority’s debt is about GH20million and it is only for the Accra Sports Stadium . . . We waiting for the new coming Sports Director but the current situation is not that good at all," she said.

She further said that the incoming Sports Director must be someone who is a businessman, with the links to interact with the corporate world to lift the face of the authority in all aspects, as well as a politician who has the connections and can influence politicians from all divides and corporate world towards building a powerful sporting empire in the country.

“The incoming Director General must be a politician who has the connection to flagstaff house and can link with the president at all times and if a businessman, he or she must be able to bring in sponsors that are interested in sports to make the authority vibrant again.” he added.

She disclosed that for almost a year, the authority does not have electricity and that has been their main problem.